Whether you’re putting in plants and dirt, taking them out, or just moving them around, Labrenz landscaping has all the tools and materials to get your yard looking green, lush, and beautiful. We take special care of your backyard environment, making sure that when we leave, your little slice of heaven is strong and healthy.


Hydroseeding/new lawns

If you’re looking for that luxurious, comfortable lawn that’s tough enough for the Alaskan climate, look no further. We use a proven high quality unique grass seed mix that is ensured to establish well and give you lush, green, thick grass that will last for years to come


Decorative patios, decks and gazebos

Adding a unique touch to your yard. We can build you a beautiful patio, deck or gazebo that is perfect for entertaining, relaxing, and living your most fulfilling life in the fresh air.


Above ground garden and flower beds

Want to garden but hate bending over and being on the ground? Raised Gardens are an excellent choice for ergonomics, and create a warmer and more controllable soil environment for your domestic plants. Let us build you above ground garden beds in any size or shape that fits your needs.



They say good fences make good neighbors, but they are also very important for keeping your pets and children safe, and the moose out of your garden! We’ll take care of all the details and build you an attractive, secure fence that will last years.


Finish work

It’s those finishing touches that really give your yard the color and protection it deserves. With a little sanding, painting and varnishing, your curb appeal will skyrocket, and your investment will be protected with the best quality materials.


Custom wood and rock work

Nature already has some beautiful things for us to appreciate, so we like to use that to our advantage. In addition to our custom woodworking, we’ll bring in some lovely decorative rock and wood such as quartz boulders, driftwood and diamond willow to add to the comfortable atmosphere of your yard and showcase these natural masterpieces right where they can add to the flow of a well-designed yard.



For wheelchair access, rolling carts and easy movement around your yard, getting from here to there will never be easier after you have us create some attractive, custom walkways to tie together your already beautiful and unique outdoor space.