About Us

Welcome to Labrenz Landscaping,

a versatile and knowledgeable landscaping company founded by Jeff Labrenz in 1988.
We proudly serve Fairbanks, Ester, Fox, and Murphy Dome areas. We are open seasonally, beginning when snow melts and ending mid-October when snow falls and the ground freezes.

Detail is everything

Our owner, Jeff, personally works with every client to ensure all aspects of a project are done right the first time. Every project begins with an on-site estimate appointment with Jeff. By using his extensive knowledge and experience, you can count on getting a detailed estimate that meets your needs. Once a project is approved. Jeff personally oversees every step of your project to ensure that you are receiving landscaping excellence and a quality experience you can trust!

Knowledge and experience

Labrenz Landscaping has been serving Fairbanks and the surrounding community since 1989. Our extensive knowledge and experience extends beyond just ordinary landscaping. We are a full service Landscape company. From sculpting the earth below, to the aesthetic of your yard. Big and small. We have done it all! We are a licensed bonded and insured professional company delivering exceptional professional service, quality results, and your Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Versatility and flexibility

Our services include excavation, grading, driveways, leach pits, drainage and erosion control, retaining walls, concrete slabs, walls, and curbs, hydroseeding/new lawns, above-ground garden and flower beds, land clearing, decorative rock, and other structures. No matter what you’re looking for, chances are we’ll be able to do it. We take special care of your backyard environment, making sure that when we leave, your little slice of heaven is strong, healthy, and beautiful.

Supporting Community

At Labrenz Landscaping, we believe in creating lasting relationships with our clients by providing quality service that exceeds expectations. We also support the local community through donations and service and strive to provide our clients with the best possible service.

So, whether you need a new lawn or garden, a patio or gazebo, or just want to make your yard safer and more comfortable, contact us today for all your landscaping needs, and let us help you turn your yard into a beautiful oasis.