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For over 35 years, We have been Fairbanks’ first choice for high quality, long lasting, and detailed landscaping done right. Here at Labrenz our expertise goes beyond just landscaping. We can help with drainage and erosion control solutions, fixing or adding a new driveway. And almost everything in between. If you’re looking for someone with the experience and knowledge to give you an outdoor space you love, contact us today.

About Us

Founded by Jeff Labrenz in 1989, Labrenz Landscaping offers versatile and detailed services. Jeff personally provides individual quotes with up-to-date prices and accurate labor times. As a licensed, bonded, and insured company, we serve Fairbanks, Ester, Fox, and Murphy Dome areas seasonally. We keep extensive records for future maintenance and support the local community through donations and service. Let us turn your yard into a beautiful oasis

Services we offer


Lawn and Garden

From hydroseeding and new lawns, to above ground garden beds, land clearing, and decorative rock and wood structures. Our team ensures the health and beauty of your greenery with the best equipment and materials.



We offer a wide range of construction and building services to make your land work for you. Our team prioritizes safety and quality, and we always take your unique needs into account when designing your space.


Concrete and Gravel

If your property is badly in need of some erosion control, drainage or driveway solutions, Labrenz Landscaping has got you covered with our range of concrete and gravel services. We’re dedicated to making sure you’re thrilled with the end result.

Ready for a beautiful outdoor space that will be a joy to live in for years to come?

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