In an effort to inform you about how our lawn installations are done, let us explain that we:

Establish positive drainage away from all structures, and build up and compact around foundations if necessary. After that we check the final grade with a laser transit.

Our topsoil is machine spread, then hand raked and rolled. After that it is cross-raked and rolled again, in order to obtain a firm graded surface. During raking, lime is normally applied.

We ask you, the owner, to water the topsoil in. This creates a moisture bank in the topsoil, and helps to firm it up.

We then hydroseed a lawn mix of top quality Alaska grasses, which are a blend of different fescues and bluegrasses. The mix also contains fertilizer and wood fiber mulch which holds the moisture for best germination. Complete germination takes up to 21 days, and the lawn requires daily watering.

 All our installations come with complete care instructions. Wework hard to protect our clients' best interests, and you can count on us for quality and quantity of materials. We encourage you to stop at our 2759 College Road location to view products, example installations and different landscapeplantings. 


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