Question:   What type of grass seed works in interior Alaska?

Response:   We utilize a blend of bluegrass, and fescues that are    bred for our climatic conditions.

Question:   When is the best time to install our lawn?

Response:   May, June, and July is best; however we have successfully seeded all the way into October, which is called "dormant seeding", and the grass will then grow in the following spring.

Question:   What is Hydroseeding, and what are the benefits?

Response:   Hydroseeding is a method of spraying a mixture of water, fertilizer, grass seed, and wood fiber onto the prepared soil. The benefits are: erosion control, savings of time, energy, and water, because it requires much less watering with the mulch in the mix. This method also produces better germination.

Question:   How long does it take for the grass to come up, and how long before we can walk on it?

Response:    You will see the beginning sprouts within 4-7 days, depending on weather condition. Complete germination of all varieties can take up to 30 days. After about 21 days the grass is ready for its first mowing, and can be walked on regularly.

Question:   What are the solutions for our pets after our lawn is installed?

Response:    A kennel with puppy paw friendly stones as a ground cover, or a dog run works well.

Question:   What can we do about pet burn spots on our lawn?

Response:   Here at Labrenz Landscaping, we sell a product that neutralizes the soil, and will over time allow the grass to grow again.

Question:   What types of trees and/or shrubs grow well here in Fairbanks?

Response:    We sell an array of zone 2 plants that includes a variety of evergreens, shrubbery, perennials, trees, roses, ferns, etc.

Question:   What can we put on our driveway to keep it rut and/or pothole free?

Response:   Crushed D-1 rock properly graded for drainage, and compacted is what we recommend.

Question:   What can we do about moss in the lawn?

Response:   Applying lime heavily will raise the ph-balance of the soil, which will help to get rid of the moss; also there are a variety of moss kill products on the market.

Question:   What are our choices for decking?

Response:   We primarily install red cedar, yellow cedar, redwood, and some varied synthetic products.

Question:   What are our choices for fencing?

Response:   We mostly install custom wood fencing: 6' & 8' privacy, shadow box, picket, split rail, horse fence, moose fence, and custom order vinyl fencing.

Question:   What do Fairbanks Landscapers do in the Winter?

Response:   We energize ourselves for the spectacular Fairbanks summers by enjoying the many activities available in our area.

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